Photo of the Week: Moulay Idriss, Morocco

17 May

Ramadan sunset in Moulay Idriss

Twitter tells me that this week’s #FriFotos theme is “HOLY PLACES”, so here’s my contribution (a day early, so that I can try to keep to my publication schedule!): a Ramadan photo and a short memoir piece describing when the photo was taken.

*          *          *

I was nearing the end of a long afternoon spent exploring Moulay Idriss, Morocco’s holiest town.  It had fully opened its doors to foreigners in recent years, but there was still an atmosphere of reticence and solitude that made me feel quiet and pensive.  I clambered up a hill and brushed away the dirt from my tunic and pants.  I readied my camera and then looked outwards and down.  Dark green roofs announced themselves amongst otherwise retiring walls colored muted white, faded yellow, and brick red.  The buildings of the medina, languidly leaning against one another, knelt amidst the grassy hills that expired into the distant, gliding clouds.  The sunset flushed red-orange with lambent hints of yellow rays poking through the shrubs at my feet and the glassless windows of the unfinished building to my right.  The building’s heavy stone walls and exposed rebar blocked from my view the ancient mosque, denying to my eyes the same privilege of entry that had been denied to my person less than one hour before.  Still, above the rooftops in the medina, I could clearly see the minaret; from it wafted the tones of the call to prayer, one of the last of this Ramadan.  Arabic, unintelligible to my ears, rose and fell rhythmically, undulating in the otherwise still air during the last few minutes of light.  The day’s fast was over.  My camera, long forgotten, rested at my side as I stood silently, my eyes sipping in the last of the fading rays, my ears straining for the last echoes of the muezzin’s call.

*          *          *

To read more about my Morocco trip, check out my guest post on the Solo Traveler blog.  To see more photos and/or learn the back story to my guest post, check out this link.  Thanks for reading, and feel free to share any comments!


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4 responses to “Photo of the Week: Moulay Idriss, Morocco

  1. ChicFitChef

    May 17, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    Lovely post with great descriptions!! 🙂

  2. Shimky

    May 18, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    Good post! I love the photo of the sunset in Moulay Idriss.


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