Facebook + Travel = Staying In Touch

17 Jul

Valerie’s Birthday in Madrid, 2002

Facebook takes a lot of flack–some of it deserved (e.g., privacy concerns, ahem), some of it less so (e.g., your Facebook friends don’t have to be fake friends if you’re good about managing your friend requests).  One thing that I love about Facebook, though, is that it allows me to keep in touch with the varied, amazing people that I meet on my travels.

Case in point: ten summers ago, I lived and worked in Madrid.  While I was there, I was lucky enough to be part of a great group of girlfriends who were also expats living in Spain.  When one of the girls–Valerie–had her birthday roll around that July, the rest of us put together a surprise celebration for her.

Last week, on Valerie’s birthday this year, I posted this photo to Facebook as a sort of anniversary reminder.  Because of the magic of Facebook, I am actually still in touch with each of these women today.

In the ten years since we first met, our group has collectively been blessed with advanced degrees, marriages, awesome careers, and babies (including two sets of twins!).  Obviously, this means that we can’t hang out on anywhere close to a regular basis.  For that reason, I am super-thankful to Facebook (and modern technology in general) for allowing me to both stay up-to-date on everyone’s life and share fun memories.

On that note, Happy Birthday again, Valerie, and Happy 10th Anniversary, ladies!

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