Photo of the Week: Asbury Park, NJ, USA

27 Jul

Volcano bowl at Langosta Lounge–doing the Jersey shore right!

Yes, this picture was taken at the Jersey shore.  Yes, that is a big bowl of flaming alcohol.  Yes, it was supposed to be shared, but I drank it all by myself.

Why is this the photo of the week?  Well, I could say that it reminds me of the fun times that I had seeing the now infamous Jersey shore for myself and exploring the Asbury Park boardwalk with some girlfriends after attending a wedding the previous day.  Let’s be real, though–while I did have fun, and the photo does bring back memories, that’s not why I chose it.

The real reason that this is the photo of the week is that, yesterday, after months of non-stop studying (well, almost non-stop), the big event arrived: I made it through the final day of the California Bar exam.  Thank goodness!

Due to my magnificent accomplishment (see how humble I am?), I feel that I am entitled to more than a little bit of celebration of the spirit-ual variety over the next few days (although I probably won’t be living as large as on the occasion when the pictured bowl was consumed).

Happy weekend to you, too!


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