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Photo of the Week: Zagora, Morocco

Recently forged silver curios

In honor of today’s #FriFotos, here are some recently forged silver STARS that I saw in a large curio shop in Zagora, Morocco.

This was one of my favorite days of that trip because, after demonstrating how they forge the silver, the shop owners gave our group rein to explore.

I felt like Indiana Jones in the movies that I had watched as a kid–I bustled around the shop’s multiple levels, inside and outside, discovering myriad treasures: one-of-a-kind jewelry, peculiar trinkets, dusty lamps, aging manuscripts, even unlocked treasure chests!  It was wonderful, in the truest sense of the word.

Sometimes, the best part of travel is getting to approach the world with childlike wonder!

*          *          *

Have you experienced moments of childlike wonder in your travels?  Share your stories in the comments!


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How to Avoid Looking Like A Tourist

Keeping covered while keeping cool

My apologies for not posting last week–my day job got crazy, and I’ve got to focus first on the work that pays my bills and permits me to travel!

Still, to show my contrition for laying off this blog, I’ll share some helpful advice with you.

First off, don’t worry–this is not a post on the tiresome “tourist” versus “traveler” debate; I’ve already briefly weighed in on that.  No, this post is focused on making sure that you blend into your environment as much as possible when you’re traveling so that you can stay safe.  While it’s great to have the opportunity to see the world, once you step past your backyard, you may stand out in ways that make you more vulnerable to sketchy situations.  Sometimes, depending on your look and where you’re traveling, there will really be little that you can do to keep a low profile.  However, in many cases, if you follow my tips below, you will be able to have more success in flying under the radar during your vacation.  Plus, if you’re really on your game, a local will stop you and ask you for directions–highly satisfactory proof that you are a cool traveler!  So, how do you avoid looking like a tourist?

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Photo of the Week: Moulay Idriss, Morocco

Ramadan sunset in Moulay Idriss

Twitter tells me that this week’s #FriFotos theme is “HOLY PLACES”, so here’s my contribution (a day early, so that I can try to keep to my publication schedule!): a Ramadan photo and a short memoir piece describing when the photo was taken.

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Guest Post on Solo Traveler Blog: Morocco

Oh, the little miracles of Twitter!  Last week, Janice Waugh of the Solo Traveler Blog tweeted about a discount for readers of her blog who want to take one of Intrepid Travel‘s Morocco trips.  I retweeted this and mentioned that I had taken an Intrepid trip to Morocco and loved it.  Long story short, Janice was kind enough to reach out to me on Twitter and ask me to submit an article and pictures about my Ramadan 2010 Morocco trip.  That happened last Friday; I sent in my guest post on Sunday; and, the post went up this past Tuesday!  Check it out here:  Also, if you’re interested in going to Morocco with Intrepid (book by end of February, travel by end of 2012), here’s the info on the discount:  Finally, if you would like to see more of my Morocco pictures, check out here and here.  Enjoy, and get traveling!

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