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Photo of the Week: Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

View of the Cape of Good Hope from Cape Point

The Twittersphere has been blowing up about Cape Town most recently, so I have decided to throw myself into the mix by sharing one of my favorite pictures from my trip to South Africa.  About 30 miles from Cape Town, in Table Mountain National Park, lie Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, the latter of which is the southwesternmost point in Africa.  While many people visiting the area assume that one of these capes is the southernmost point in Africa, that title actually goes to Cape Agulhas.  Nevertheless, a visit to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope are still worth it due to the absolute beauty of the surroundings.


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South Africa Pictures

Last, but certainly not least, my South Africa pictures have been edited and posted!  Check them out here.  You can also read about my time in South Africa here, here, and here.  Ready to embark on some travels of your own?  Well, next week, I will be posting awesome, insider information from this past weekend’s New York Times Travel Show so that you’ll have the latest tips to plan your next trip.  Get excited!


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All Good Things Must Come to An End

Unfortunately, much of the last part of my time in Cape Town was somewhat of a blur because, as per usual, I got sick.  I was not surprised given the fact that I ALWAYS get sick on vacation.  On the plus side, since I knew to expect this, I was majorly stocked up on medical supplies of every sort.  Even better, I was only struck by a really heinous strain of the flu–much better than having my adventurous eating habits be repaid by an attack of traveler’s stomach (like during my Morocco trip) or, worse yet, a wicked combination of traveler’s stomach and flu (picked up somewhere just before I boarded an overnight train between Xi’an and Shanghai during my travels in Asia–imagine frequent trips to a squat toilet in a dark, quickly-moving train; not pretty).  Since I had the good luck to only have the flu this time around, with a combination of pseudoephedrine, locally-purchased cough drops, a healthy supply of tissues, and sheer determination, I was still able to enjoy my week in Cape Town.

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Johannesburg to Cape Town

It has been awhile (sorry!) but it’s time to pick up the thread on my adventures in South Africa!  My last trip post saw me soaking wet in the streets of Johannesburg while trying (and failing) to make a birthday call to one of my sisters.  Fortunately, that evening wasn’t a total disaster.  I dragged myself to dinner at a new place and was rewarded with my first decent restaurant service since I left the U.S.  Plus, I had a strawberry daiquiri to mellow out followed by a hot chocolate to warm up, so I was in a good place.  More importantly, the whole phone call experience shattered once and for all my misconceptions that I had about the people in Johannesburg.  In my entire experience, contrary to what I had been told to expect, no one had tried to rob or mug me or take advantage of me in any way.  On the contrary, all of the people with whom I had spoken had gone out of their way to help me–a soaking wet, questionable-looking stranger.

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Ups and Downs in Johannesburg

After a multi-hour delay at the airport in Zanzibar, I finally made it to Dar es Salaam, where I did some final souvenir shopping before boarding my evening flight to Johannesburg.  The next morning, I spoke to the owner of my guest house about arranging a Soweto tour for the following day; as it turned out, there was a slot available for a private tour immediately, so the tour operator went ahead and just showed up!  I crammed the remains of my (delicious!  included!) breakfast into my mouth and hopped into the van.  The driver (who, to be fair, did warn me) was a bit militant, seeing himself as a sort of Paulo Freire or Frantz Fanon on the behalf of non-white South Africans.  A white South African, he said that he had spent the last seven years trying to educate people on the country’s current social and racial issues.  If he didn’t make significant progress in the upcoming two years, he would retire to a community in Soweto and seek refuge from the inevitable race riots that would occur in the absence of increased racial justice in South Africa.

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On the Road Again

Every year, after months upon months of planning (sometimes longer), I take an awesome, month-long vacation; every year, I always have friends that ask me if I will be blogging about my trip; and, every year, I always say “no”.  I have always assumed that people would be completely uninterested in hearing about my trips, so I have contented myself with posting highlights here and there as my status updates on Facebook.  Well, in the interest of pushing my boundaries and trying new things, I have decided to finally blog about my vacation this year: two weeks of safari in Kenya and Tanzania, five days on the beach in Zanzibar, and a week-and-a-half backpacking in South Africa.

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