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The Girls’ Getaway Guide to Las Vegas, Part II

Fat Tuesday’s signature Everclear jello shots–er, what’s left of them, anyway

Did last week’s rules leave you desperate to get the rest of my tips?  Have no fear, you can find them below.  Read on!

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The Girls’ Getaway Guide to Las Vegas, Part I

View of The Strip from the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge

I was just in Las Vegas this past weekend to celebrate one of my best friend’s Dirty 30.  It was great to see her as well as meet girl friends from all parts of her life: college, law school, and her current life in Los Angeles.  While my friend and I had visited Vegas several times in the past, some of the women in our group this time around were Vegas virgins.  We, of course, initiated them into the ways of doing Vegas in a way that maximizes fun while minimizing hassle.  Since not everyone could be on this trip, I thought it would be only fair to share the wisdom that I have gained over my many trips to Sin City.  So, without further ado, here are the rules for girls who want to do Vegas RIGHT:

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