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See It, Or Skip It?: Laos

Wandering in Luang Prabang

The first post in my See It, Or Skip It? series focused on Vietnam.  More specifically, inspired by one of my Facebook friends, I used my pictures and experiences to explain why Vietnam should be on any traveler’s itinerary.  This week, it’s time to turn a critical eye on Laos.  As before, I’ll start with a brief list of places in Laos, and, for each place, I’ll give my unblemished (obviously biased) opinion as to whether someone should see it and skip it.  Read on, and tell me what you think!

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2012 Ninth Avenue International Food Festival

This festival is SERIOUS about barbecue!

Though I’m sad that this past weekend was my last weekend in New York, I was thrilled that I got to say farewell by participating in one of my favorite neighborhood events: the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.  I stumbled upon it accidentally last year and had a great time.  This year, I was so busy on Saturday tying up loose ends for my move and getting ready to head out to a bachelorette party that I thought that I had missed the festival.  However, on my way home from church on Sunday, the cab driver informed me that we would have to take an alternate route because Ninth Avenue was closed again.  Could it be that the festival was actually two days long?  Could it be that I still had a chance to get in on the goodness?  As it turns out, yes.  Obviously, as soon as I got home, I grabbed my sunglasses, camera, and extra cash and jumped into the fray.

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See It, Or Skip It?: Vietnam

Streets of Hanoi

This post was inspired by one of my Facebook friends.  Elena is on a round-the-world trip and had been planning to spend time in Vietnam.  However, she had heard “horror stories” about the country, so she is thinking of heading elsewhere.  Like any normal person in 2012, she put the question to Facebook–should she still go to Vietnam, or should she skip it?

As you’ll see at the end of this post, I have a definite opinion as to whether Vietnam deserves a spot on Elena’s itinerary.  Before I get there, though, here is a brief list of places in Vietnam as well as my (obviously biased) opinion as to whether someone should see it and skip it.  Read on, and tell me what you think!

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Obscura Day 2012: Street Art Photography Workshop

This past Saturday, I participated in Obscura Day.  This event is organized each year by Atlas Obscura, a Wikipedia-like organization that aims to serve as a “collaborative compendium of amazing places that aren’t found in your average guidebook”.  Obscura Day in particular is “an international celebration of unusual places” that allows participants to explore “hidden wonders in [their] own hometown”.

I had never even heard of Obscura Day before a mention popped up in my Twitter feed a week or so ago, but I was immediately intrigued.  So many people associate being a traveler with getting out their wallets, brushing off their passports, and heading to some exotic, distant land; however, many of the pleasures of traveling can be found by just staying where you are and checking out something that you would normally skip.  Obscura Day would be my chance to do just that.

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South Africa Pictures

Last, but certainly not least, my South Africa pictures have been edited and posted!  Check them out here.  You can also read about my time in South Africa here, here, and here.  Ready to embark on some travels of your own?  Well, next week, I will be posting awesome, insider information from this past weekend’s New York Times Travel Show so that you’ll have the latest tips to plan your next trip.  Get excited!


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Guest Post on Sole Sisters Blog: Tanzania

Remember when I said that I would have some travel writing news to share?  Well, here it is: The Sole Sisters blog is featuring me today in their Inspired Thursday Travel series!  You can read all about it here.  The post includes a few photos from my trip, but, if you would like to see more, you can check out my Kenya and Tanzania pictures.  If you want to read more details about my safari, you can read my earlier posts on this very blog.  Finally, if you have been bitten by the travel bug and want more information on the G Adventures safari that I took, here is the info.  Thanks for reading!


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Tanzania Pictures

And now my Tanzania pictures (both from safari and from Zanzibar) have been edited and posted!  Check them out here.  You can also read about my time in Tanzania here, here, here, and here.  It looks like I’m on a roll, so I hope to have my South Africa pictures (and final blog posts about my trip–yikes!) up soon.  In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me as I should have some exciting travel writing news to share in the near future….


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