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Photo of the Week: Cuzco, Peru

Dried Produce from Around Peru

Dried produce from around Peru

Today’s #FriFotos theme is #BOUNTIFUL, so I have decided to share a photo from an amazing cooking class that I took in Cuzco.  I did not know this before my trip, but Peru is a top foodie destination, and I ate some of the best food of my life during my three weeks in the country.  Thus, when I had a chance to take a cooking class, I went for it.

During the class, we tasted examples of Peruvian cuisine; prepared our own pisco cocktails; cooked causa (a national dish made with potatoes and chicken) and alpaca saltada (a type of stir-fry using alpaca meat instead of the typical beef); and, sat down as a group to feast on what we had prepared.

First, though, we learned about the history of Peruvian food, and this stockroom featuring dried produce from all around Peru was our classroom.  It was incredible to hear about, see, touch, smell, and (most of all) taste the dizzying array of diverse food products in Peru!

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What cooking classes have you taken, and what delicious food have you eaten, in your travels?  Please share your #BOUNTIFUL stories in the comments!


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What to Eat and Drink in Portugal (and One Item to Skip….)

Homemade barbecue at my hostel

There is a lot to love about Portugal.  The people are kind, the nightlife is fun, and both the architectural and natural parts of the landscape are breathtakingly beautiful.  One of my favorite things about Portugal, though, is the food.  From the delicious seafood to the world-famous wines, my taste buds and belly were always sated during my trip!  My only regret is that, since I was traveling solo, I didn’t get to try cataplana, a traditional Portuguese seafood dish that, due to its size, can only be ordered by at least two people.  Oh, well–another reason to go back to Portugal!  Despite this disappointment, the food that I did get to eat (with one exception) has earned Portugal a solid spot amongst my top five food destinations in the world.  Read on to discover all of the tasty treats that you should definitely try (and one “specialty” that you should definitely skip) when you make it to Portugal!

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Photo of the Week: New York, NY, USA

This is a delicious bowl of crawfish. I ate it ALL. Feel jealous.

This week’s photo is of the highlight of my time at this year’s Ninth Avenue International Food Festival: my crawfish bowl from The Delta Grill.  Despite being a longtime resident of Hell’s Kitchen, I had never eaten at The Delta Grill, and this was a lovely introduction.  Plus, even though I’m a born-and-bred Southerner, I’ve never eaten a crawfish bowl before, so this was a highly educational gastronomical experience.  In simple terms: this dish was unfamiliar but, thanks to some helpful advice from the Internet, I was able to enjoy it.  Even simpler: finger-lickin’ good!


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2012 Ninth Avenue International Food Festival

This festival is SERIOUS about barbecue!

Though I’m sad that this past weekend was my last weekend in New York, I was thrilled that I got to say farewell by participating in one of my favorite neighborhood events: the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.  I stumbled upon it accidentally last year and had a great time.  This year, I was so busy on Saturday tying up loose ends for my move and getting ready to head out to a bachelorette party that I thought that I had missed the festival.  However, on my way home from church on Sunday, the cab driver informed me that we would have to take an alternate route because Ninth Avenue was closed again.  Could it be that the festival was actually two days long?  Could it be that I still had a chance to get in on the goodness?  As it turns out, yes.  Obviously, as soon as I got home, I grabbed my sunglasses, camera, and extra cash and jumped into the fray.

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