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Photo of the Week: New York, NY, USA

Trying something new to improve my photography skills

Although I showcased a different photo to my tour group, after further reflection, I have decided that the above is my favorite from amongst the pictures that I snapped during my Saddleshoe Tours street art photography workshop this past Obscura Day.  Here’s to continuing to learn and improve!


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Obscura Day 2012: Street Art Photography Workshop

This past Saturday, I participated in Obscura Day.  This event is organized each year by Atlas Obscura, a Wikipedia-like organization that aims to serve as a “collaborative compendium of amazing places that aren’t found in your average guidebook”.  Obscura Day in particular is “an international celebration of unusual places” that allows participants to explore “hidden wonders in [their] own hometown”.

I had never even heard of Obscura Day before a mention popped up in my Twitter feed a week or so ago, but I was immediately intrigued.  So many people associate being a traveler with getting out their wallets, brushing off their passports, and heading to some exotic, distant land; however, many of the pleasures of traveling can be found by just staying where you are and checking out something that you would normally skip.  Obscura Day would be my chance to do just that.

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